GOS-ASM Software

GOS-ASM is a software implementation of the multi-genome scaffolding method, that is developed by Computational Biology Laboratory. This software is written in Python 3+ programming language and is capable of working on the majority of operating systems, including Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Latest release of GOS-ASM is available upon request from Sergey Aganezov (aganezov@gwu.edu).

We are planning on starting the automated release process for this software pretty soon., so the new installation as well as the update can be performed without directly contacting the authors.
Stay tuned for updates.


We ask to report any issues of this software at a designated issue tracking system


Following these simple steps one can install and get ready to be used the GOS-ASM software:

  1. Install Python 3.3+ (download link)
  2. Run “pip3 install gos-asm“ with python3.3+ interpreter in the terminal
  3. DONE

Configuration file:


python3 gos-asm.py configuration_file.py